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About BidMed

BidMed is the competitive bidding space for used medical equipment. With a state of the art, web-based platform, transferring, buying, and selling medical equipment has never been simpler.

Healthcare facilities agree that the managing and disposing of used medical equipment is a low priority. Since no two hospitals or health systems are alike, there is no one process or solution that works for every facility. BidMed consults healthcare facilities and designs a customized program that will give them the tools and information necessary to make the best decisions when selling surplus assets or buying refurbished equipment.

In addition to helping hospitals define a process that works for them, BidMed sought to complete the equipment cycle by sourcing and financing refurbished equipment. In doing so, healthcare facilities can realize significant savings by purchasing or leasing high quality refurbished equipment. BidMed also offers favorable financing terms for leasing refurbished equipment.

By simplifying the asset disposition process, and sourcing the highest quality refurbished equipment, BidMed saves healthcare facilities time and money.

Our Values

Mission Statement

Assisting healthcare facilities in maximizing the return on surplus assets and minimizing costs from procuring refurbished equipment through our extensive knowledge and network of medical equipment.

A Green Company

BidMed prides itself in giving used medical equipment a new life. Whether equipment is refurbished, re-warranted, or sold as-is, used medical equipment serves a purpose for another user. If equipment has reached end of life, it is scrapped and materials recycled.

A Global Company

BidMed’s primary end users are developing countries throughout the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Whether it is a doctor who supports and volunteers at a clinic in Africa, or an administrator who oversees a hospital in Colombia, buyers from around the world turn to the U.S. for their medical equipment purchases. Creating a global online community to showcase and sell the equipment helps make this possible.

A Community Company

While many other countries in need of medical equipment, there are clinics located right here in our communities that lack the most basic equipment and medicine. BidMed donates 1% of its proceeds to DonateMed, which provide necessary medical equipment, supplies, and medications to community health clinics in need. Hospitals have the option to match BidMed’s 1% donation from the proceeds received from selling surplus medical equipment.

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